emeRging :: conneXion

aggregating global conversations on the emerging church


This aggregator serves to represent as much of the emerging conversation on the future church as possible.

The material was self-selecting, in the sense that links were obtained from those who claim to be part of the emerging conversation. In the case of congregations that did not make such explicit claims, I looked for links to known figures or resources in the wider conversation, as well as claims to represent the gospel in contemporary cultural terms.

To indicate the spectrum of opposition to the movement, a similar selection process was applied to those identifying themselves as against it.

Users of the site must be aware that the selection of links to include was not objective (proceeding on the basis of predefined categories) or representative (attempting to include all who can be categorized). For instance, there was no attemp to gather all critique, and in some cases certain arguments from particular web sites are highlighted and not others, purely because they seemed of interest to me.

Categories in the blog overlap somewhat (i.e. links that occur under communities may also be found under the various regions). The various viewpoints here do not necessarily apply to all who would view themselves as part of the emerging church movement nor to those who oppose it in some way.

Any individual or group who may inadvertently have been included as being part of the emerging conversation about the future church, but do not consider themselves as such, should indicate thisto ec.connexion at gmail.com.

The Red Herring.


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